WELLNESS COACH

Here’s My Story
In my early 40s, I started putting on weight effortlessly.  I came to discover that I was in menopause.  I quickly went from a size 4 to a size 12 in what seemed like overnight.  I had a closet full of beautiful clothes that I really liked.  But little by little, everything got tighter & tighter, until I was left with a VERY limited selection of super stretchy, spandex-type stuff that still fit.  I didn’t feel healthy or even comfortable at this new size, so I resisted buying myself new clothes. Does this sound familiar?

I tried a few diets which did work at first, but took too much time and mental effort to sustain over the long haul.  After all, I have a lot of kids, a private practice, and I home school my youngest child.  Meal prepping and portion control didn’t always take priority.  Discouraged, my weight went back up and I was even heavier than before.  I needed something that was easy & practical to sustain.  But also easily able to incorporate into my fluctuating social calendar.

My brother JC and his son, Nico Conte, had begun using the 5&1 Plan from Optavia.  It was the first time since our college days in Gainesville that I saw my brother losing weight.  I watched him and Nico for 4 months before trying the plan myself.  Let’s face it; it’s just flat-out HARD to lose weight when you are in menopause.  So I had grown skeptical.  But I’m glad I did take that step because Optavia is the right plan for me.

As a therapist, I whole-heartedly believe that support and guidance increase your chances of success – no matter what your endeavor in life is.  What I appreciate about Optavia is that EVERYONE on the plan has a Wellness Coach; yes, everyone.  That means that you are not doing this journey alone.  Having me in your support system increases your chances of success in reaching your optimal weight.

Optavia’s proven nutrition gets you where you want to go. And with me as your Wellness Coach, I will be there to guide and support you, as you develop new habits. So please, don’t give up on yourself.  We can do this together.  Do as I did. Set aside your skepticism, and try something new for just one month.  As I gain control over my weight, I’m seeing how Optavia is a catalyst for bigger changes that I thought weren’t possible for me anymore.  I’m seeing that it’s a step-by-step, lifelong transformation. We can do this together! Your life is waiting – all you need to do is take the first step.

My Current Weight Loss Plan
I’m currently on the 5&1 Plan. That means I eat 6 times a day (every 2-3 hours) starting within 45 minutes of waking up and ending before going to bed.  My daily meals consist of 5 Optavia Fuels, plus 1 Lean & Green meal.  A Fuel is an easy, pre-made mini meal that I can quickly throw in my purse or eat on the go.  The ease of it helps me stay SUPER consistent.  Fuels come in a variety of tasty options, like:  protein bars, shakes, oatmeal, pancakes, cereal, frozen treats, warm breads, pastas or soups.  I get to choose 5 of these daily.  Then for my Lean & Green meal, I sit down to a delicious combination of a lean protein and a green vegetable.  Depending on my social commitments that day, I can eat my Lean & Green Meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner – so I don’t look awkward or feel excluded at social events. This is a meal that I prepare at home or eat out at my favorite restaurant.  In addition, I drink 100 ounces of clean water per day.  I get to drink coffee too! Hello Starbucks.

That’s just a simple overview of the 5&1 Plan.  There’s more to it that I’d be glad to share.  But for now, that may have answered some of your questions.  Feel free to visit my Coach’s page and take a look around.  Or reach out to me personally.  Remember, it is statistically proven that having accountability is the KEY factor in long-lasting change; so don’t do it alone!  We know that support and guidance improve your chances of success.  I am here as your Accountability Coach when you choose to take that first step.  More of life is waiting for you!